With innovative fabrics, high quality detailing and exclusive workmanship Escada offers graceful silhouettes perfect for special events and celebrations.

Margaretha Ley, a former Swedish model, launched Escada in 1978. She had an exquisite feel for colours, a devotion to detail, and a sure sense for what many women desired – a feminine elegance that doesn’t shy away from bright contrasts and striking elements.  Today Escada interprets its brand values in a new, updated way: cool glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the Escada collections.

Creating their stand for sensual femininity, Escada’s new collection offers winter wear crafted from the richest of materials, making the creation of luxe outfits a breeze when faced with an array of distinct colours and styles. This season’s collection is anchored by a beautiful hand painted floral print, present in knitwear, tops, skirts and dresses.

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